Kitchens and bathrooms are the most exciting and often the first renovation that you will do to your home. They provide the most bang for your buck; they add tremendous value to your home thereby making them more of an investment than an expense. Like any investment they need to be well planned, well managed and well executed. Cummings Home Improvements provides the expertise to take your kitchen or bath project from your imagination all the way to a luxurious space.


There are a multitude of decisions that need to be made when remodeling your kitchen but perhaps none more daunting than deciding on cabinets, flooring and countertops. Therefore, we have broken down each grouping to the most popular choices to help you make the decision that will best suit your needs.

Stock cabinets offer the most affordability and are available in a variety of styles and colors. Semi-Custom cabinets offer a wider range of styles and colors, as well as custom features with the look and durability of the much higher level cabinetry, while still maintaining an affordable price. Custom cabinets give you unprecedented options, with limitless possibilities in styles, colors and features, for those wanting the best quality and features.

Hardwood floors are made of timber from a variety of trees; maple, oak, walnut, as well as a multitude of others. It is durable and resistant to dents and scratches, however reacts to extreme temperatures or moisture. They can be constructed to be different thicknesses and sizes, and can be sanded and refinished over time. Tile floor comes in stone, ceramic, and porcelain and will enhance your space and withstand whatever your busy kitchen has to offer. Laminate flooring looks great at an affordable price and is extremely durable.

Granite countertops are one of the hardest natural stones available. They are impervious to scratches, resistant to heat and stains and represent the definition of elegance. Quartz countertops are man-made stone contertops of superior strength and durability. They are non-porous, as well as heat and stain resistant. Corian countertops are non-porous, impenetrable to mold, mildew, and bacteria as well as resist burns and scratches. Laminate countertops are affordable without sacrificing beauty. They are made of a non-porous material and extremely wear resistant.


When remodeling your bathroom, keep in mind the durability and functionality of the materials you select; such as the best wallpaper or paint for humid applications, tile that can handle heavy daily use, and mirrors that dont attract spots.

Bathrooms are mostly about plumbing and plumbing fixtures; Sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets all need to complement each other, and many new water conserving models will help reduce your utility bills. With the right fixtures, shower doors, bathtub styles and flooring, your bathroom remodel can turn a normally utilitarian room into a peaceful private spa.

Given the amount of time you and your guests spend in these areas of your home, and the increased resale value, kitchens and bathrooms are usually the best invested dollar for any remodeling project.