Bathroom remodeling is often one of the first renovations that you will do to your home. It will provide the most bang for your buck and will add tremendous value to your home thereby making it more of an investment than an expense. Like any investment it needs to be well planned, well managed and well executed. Cummings Home Improvements provides the expertise to take your bathroom remodeling project from your imagination all the way to a luxurious space.

In our latest project we will be updating a 1970’s style tile bathroom. First and foremost, when doing any remodel where lead paint may be involved it is extremely important to follow the EPA lead safe renovation guidelines. It is also important that your contractor pay close attention to what is going on “behind the scenes”. In older homes, it is not uncommon for the plumbing and/or electrical to need to be brought up to code. Therefore, you can be sure that we at Cummings Home Improvements will not only pay close attention to the esthetics of the finished project but also what is going on inside the walls.

After gutting the bathroom down to studs and subflooring, updating the plumbing and electrical as needed, we have a blank slate for the homeowner to bring their vision to life. I will be posting pictures of our progress throughout this project so come back next week and let us know what you think so far!


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