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In our latest project,we have been updating a 1970’s  style tile bathroom. After following the EPA lead safe renovation guidelines and safely gutting the bathroom down to studs and subflooring, we subcontracted electrician Dave Pike from Advanced Electrical Service Co., (* see below) also located in Melrose. Dave removed the old wiring as needed and rewired the new bath with recessed fixtures, a new bath fan, switches, and GFI outlets. The home owner has chosen a Panasonic Whisper Quiet fan, the new fan will be vented to the exterior using insulated 4″ duct.

Prior to subcontracting the plumber, a new wall was built for tub installation. The new bath was then plumbed with all new pvc to stack pipe; the new tub was set; new toilet line with flange, drains and supply lines for double sinks and the new shower valve installed. The plumber also had to reroute a section of heat to make room for the new vanitly.

We were then able to install the new plywood subfloor with 1/4″ cement tile backer,this will help prevent water damage and/or mold if water was to get behind the tiles. The exterior wall was insulated with R15 fiberglass, and the ceiling with R30 fiberglass with plastic vapor barrier.

Next we set the tub, the home owner has chosen an Aker T0 3060 in white. Blueboard was then installed with a skim coat of veneer plaster. Once set the shampoo nook was framed and the 1/2″ cement tile backer installed around the shower walls approximately 60″ up from the tub edge. All seams and corners were taped and cemented.

Finally, we installed the tile to the shower walls and shampoo nook. The tile was then grouted, cleaned, and the tub edge sealed with silicone sealant to match. A new tile floor was also installed with a marble threshold. To finish off the bathroom, the home owner chose 1/4″ mdf wainscoting panels for the wall next to the tub wth a baseboard trim and cap molding and colonial style 2 1/2″ window and door casing to match the existing windows in the home. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!





* Cummings Home Improvements has a list of trusted contractors in all fields that we we work with regularly and recommend highly. More information on Dave Pike and his company Advanced Electrical Service Co. can be found on his website located at www.hiredependability.com


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