An entry door is literally the introduction to your house, a statement of style, invitation and security. It is a first impression of beauty, thoughtfulness, and value to friends, family, new visitors and even prospective buyers. It should reflect your personal style to outsiders and give you a sense of security. If your entry door is not functioning properly; sticking, not latching properly, damaged or aged beyond repair by weather, it is time to replace it.

Today’s market offers a wide range of styles and materials in storm doors. Storm doors are usually constructed of fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or wood.

  • Fiberglass front doors are known for affordability, low maintenance, and durability in muggy climates where wooden doors often warp. They have the feel of real wood; can be painted like steel; and don’t rot, split, crack, or dent. The slightly higher price of a fiberglass door pays for itself with years of service.
  • Steel entry doors may offer greater security than wooden ones. They come with vinyl coatings or polyester finishes, and some have veneers that resemble a wood finish. They are durable and require little care.

As of 2012, many communities have become “green communities”, which means a building permit will be required. The local building official will be looking closely to make sure the door you have purchased and the installation meet the strict, new and ever changing International Energy Code. A Cummings Home Improvements door project starts by helping you select the best door for your home from one of our top quality, trusted manufacturers. We then acquire the permit and provide a professional installation that will keep your home warm and cozy, satisfying both you and the local building official.