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Communities served include:
Melrose • Wakefield • Stoneham • Medford • Saugus • Reading • North Reading • Lynn • Swampscott • Nahant • Beverly

Decks & Porches
Did you know the difference between a deck and porch is that a porch has a roof? It can be overwhelming to learn about all the different materials that are available today to build a deck or porch. During your free consultation, Cummings Home Improvements will help make sense of it all, explaining why it is that some products may not be not suitable for your project. We will build the right deck or porch, with the right materials for your budget and home.
If there’s one thing we could tell you about insulation, it’s “don’t do it yourself!” You can actually cause damage to your home like ice dams, unwanted moisture and dangerous mold by using the wrong product and an improper installation. You will be throwing your energy dollars away unless you know the difference between R13 and open cell icynene.  Cummings Home Improvements will get it done the right way at the right price and in line with the International Energy Code.
Even a layperson can tell a poor siding job from the curb.  An inexperienced installer will make small mistakes that will look huge when the job is done.  Whether installing vinyl, cedar shingles or clapboards, Cummings Home Improvements will make the sight lines right, and your house watertight.

Today’s technology has made flooring a fun, easy and inexpensive way to jazz up any room in your home. We can provide and do install all of the latest and most exciting flooring products including laminates, floating floors, natural hardwoods and tile.

Attics & Basements
Finishing an Attic or Basement space will add valuable living area to any home.  Many homeowners are now putting additional bathrooms into their basements, for example.  We have the experience to squeeze every square foot out of any space.

Additions can include adding bedrooms, living space, kitchens and bathrooms. With Cummings Home Improvements, our team of experts including architects, engineers and all the required trades, will guide you through the project from foundation to frame to finish.

Plumbing / Electrical
Many remodeling projects will require a licensed plumber or electrician.  Cummings Home Improvements provides that service, saving you the time, money and aggravation of hiring more than one contractor.

Rebuilding America One Home at a Time
Project Management
Have you ever been to a concert? Do you think the musicians just show up on stage and start playing their music?  Of course not.  A concert is not that much different than a home improvement project.  You need the right players in the right place at the right time.  Or it just won’t sound right.  Cummings Home Improvement’s greatest skill is providing you with a well thought out, well choreographed, well executed, logical plan.  We know you just want to get on with your life.

Design is about seeing the project complete before the first nail is hammered.  Anyone can nail two boards together.  Ted Cummings, the owner has a keen sense for what looks right and what doesn’t, what will fit and what won’t and what’s worth spending money on and what’s not.  He also collaborates with local architects and engineers that provide knowledge, drawings and expert advice.